Interview with @ArtOfAdamGregory

Words by: Destiny Hodges


Hey Adam!

Adam Gregory:



Your IG bio says you live in Charlotte SC, are you from there? 

Adam Gregory:

My IG bio says Greenville SC 

And I am from Greenville SC born and raised however it’s quite ironic you said Charlotte because I’m actually moving there! Charlotte NC


My bad! I have family in Charlotte so maybe that’s why my brain jumbled that! Lol. And that is ironic!

I’ve followed the work of many talented makeup artists throughout social media, but yours stands out in an undeniably unique way. How did you discover your passion for makeup artistry?

Adam Gregory:

I first had what I call my “creative journey” at a very young age, always being in art class and taking as many art programs as possible. But at the same time, I had a love for baking too. So, combined I took to my first journey of cake decorating. After finding out that isn’t necessarily the career path I wanted rather it was just a hobby I then got into fashion design. This lasted up until my senior year of high school where I was even applying for fashion colleges. Not getting accepted was a blessing in disguise because I then got to explore my makeup aspirations. While doing fashion design I was already in the makeup world but didn’t know I wanted to do that as a career. With the denial of fashion schools, I merged my love for makeup and fashion and decided my new career goal was to work as a makeup artist.


It’s crazy how life works that way. Some of the most inspirational success stories come from beginnings of denial & rejection. It’s interesting you mentioned taking art classes, because some of your work is so detailed and drawn out that it could easily be a on an actual canvas. Like the 🐅 you drew on the side of your face for example! What do you enjoy most about this line of work?

Adam Gregory:

I love that I can combine my love for art and fashion into one career. I love creating art and the human body is art of its own so enhancing and playing with structure, shading, tones, and texture is the best part! I currently work for Chanel and as a makeup artist for them I definitely get both sides fashion and makeup!


Chanel, wow. That’s amazing! What’s does a day in the life for you usually look like? 

Adam Gregory:

Well I typically wake up make breakfast (lately I’ve been loving Chobani peach yogurt) and iced coffee is a must have! Then I get ready for work and do my makeup which ironically is only a 5 min makeup process I’m super simple in my daily routine, oppose to the looks I’ve done that take hours on my page. Then I drive to work where I help my clients find what they are looking for and show them our new products and launches then after work I come home and make dinner. Then watch some YouTube or Netflix. And then go to bed!  


I second the peach yogurt and iced coffee!!! And 5 min, that’s so hard to believe lol!! Sounds like a fulfilling typical day, especially if it ends w/ Netflix haha. Speaking of YouTube... would we find you on there?

Adam Gregory:

I currently don’t have a YouTube and honestly don’t know if I will create one. I feel that will place me as an influencer and that not what I want to be at all. I mean I would love to influence people however just not as my job description through social media. If you’ve noticed the style through my last post has changed compared to my old post. I want to be seen more as a makeup artist instead of social media influencer.


And that is absolutely OKAY. I love that you know how you want to make your mark. Often when people don’t set their own boundaries they end up having to maintain a role they never asked for/ aren’t passionate about. Do you have a look or few that you are most proud of from your ig that you want to give some spotlight?

Adam Gregory:

My favorites are for sure some of the more editorial looks I did on my model Riley

They are my favorite because THIS is what I want to be known for editorial runway esc looks (Photos 1-4)


I personally am a HUGE fan of that particular makeup style. I love bold and simple. Like the pink eye shadow look😍😍😍 Do you see yourself only focused on runway esc looks in the future?

Adam Gregory:

I do as far as Instagram goes because that’s how I want to be seen and what I want to be known for! However, in real life I can do anything! From runway to red carpet to campaign to tv literally anything but I want my known factor to be runway editorial 

(Photo 5)

For example, this one I haven’t posted yet but I love so much 

See this was a look I did for a photo shoot recently. The makeup is very minimal and enhances the model 

A makeup artist biggest strength can be knowing what they are designing for. For example, you have to know when you are supposed to make the model look like themselves and enhance that or know when you are to enhance the clothes or if the look is truly focused on makeup


A versatile prodigy who understands how to navigate his talent! 🙆🏾‍ Is there one makeup artist in particular who inspires your work?

Adam Gregory:

These two! Isabella De Vries (an Australian makeup artist) and Danessa Myricks (a well know artist) (Photos 6-7)


What’s the best advice you could give to aspiring makeup artists?

Adam Gregory:

Know where you want to be. And do everything in your power to get there. A makeup artist can float into so many different avenues but knowing which one you want to be in is a hard decision. For me it’s editorial and runway. My advice to any makeup artist is discover what brought you into the makeup world and find how you can turn that into your career. Mine was fashion there for the editorial runway artist is my career goal. Another artist could live making people feel beautiful and seeing them feel like themselves and watching them smile once they see makeup on. And that could lead to retail makeup artist. There are so many different avenues just reconnect with what brought you into this field and use that towards your goal


Phenomenal advice! You are truly an inspiration, and I’m so excited to watch from the sidelines as the rest of your journey unfolds! Lol

Thanks for taking the time out to talk!

Adam Gregory:


The Cruelty Free Makeup Bag

By: Juie Chowdhury

These days it’s all about how to make our everyday lives sustainable and earth friendly as

possible and I think a small start to this is to use products that are cruelty free, be it with our

skincare, makeup, you name it. Cruelty-free just means that the products weren’t used or tested

on animals or doesn’t contain any animal products. Most high-end beauty brands such as Urban

Decay and Anastasia are cruelty-free. However, we all like a bargain and affordable products

from the drugstore and that’s when it could get difficult as most drugstore makeup brands such

as Maybelline and L’oreal test on animals and also sell their products in China. Fear not, for I

have accumulated drugstore / affordable makeup products that are cruelty free that do the same

job but it’s more friendly. 

Having a good base is key for some people, personally I don’t wear high coverage foundation or

concealer all that often but I have tried a few and the Revolution Conceal and Hydrate range are

the best ones by far, you can build it up if you want a lot of coverage or you can just use one

layer and it covers well. It comes in 50 shades, which I think should be at least the minimum

when it comes to foundation and concealers, However, if you don’t wear a lot of makeup but you

want light coverage on the skin to even it out, then I can recommend, The Ordinary Serum

Foundation, it has a water like consistency and it glides on to your face, this foundation is for a

good skin day since it is very light coverage similar to the Glossier Skin Tint, which I can also

recommend but the serum foundation by Ordinary is more affordable and it works. For powder,

Milani’s Pressed Powder is best to set your face and any extra shine from your face and it

doesn’t give flashback 

I think the main event to everyone’s face is brows, you always want a strong brow and using the

right products you can achieve that and there are many that are affordable and cruelty free.

Whether it’s brow pomades, pencils or gels. If you’re a pomade type of person then the Eylure

brow pomade is perfect, it goes on smoothly and it stays on all day, other positive sides are that

it’s waterproof and it isn’t sticky at all. If you’re a pencil person then the NYX Micro Brow Pencil

is another win, you can create realistic hair strokes and really control how you want your brows

to look so if you want simple or bold brows, this product can do both. The gel I personally use is

the Glossier Boy Brow, which I swear by but I’ve found the ultimate drugstore dupe, which is the

Essence Make Me Brow Gel, it is similar to Boy Brow, it holds well and lasts for ages and it also

comes in colours so it can make your brows look bolder.

My favourite part of makeup are the eyes, there are plenty of good cruelty-free eye-shadow

palettes available in the market, Milani has a good selection of palettes that can create different

looks for an affordable amount but for a basic palette that can give you either a classic brown

look or smoky eye, I’d recommend the Milani Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette, if you want some colourful and bright shades then again Revolution’s Re-loaded Eyeshadow collection is also a best buy. For eyeliner, NYX’s Epic Ink Liner is great to get that sharp wing and it’s a pen liner so

it’s also very easy to handle and quick to draw a line. Mascara is low-key tricky for me

personally since I grab whatever looks good on the picture next to the product and most of the

time, it isn’t cruelty-free but I have found a good contender that makes lashes look long and

holds for a long time, Pixi’s Large Lash Mascara is a really good mascara and considering the

price you can’t go wrong, it makes lashes look naturally long and you can build it up for more


Finally, lips! Everyone’s favourite makeup product that pileup in purses, one good cruelty-free

lipstick is Lush’s Vegan Lipstick as the name states it’s obviously Vegan and it contains many

natural ingredients that nourishes and moisturizes lips and it’s pigmented and long lasting so

you’ll have bold and bright lips that will stay on for most of the night.

There’s your makeup bag sorted and totally cruelty-free, you can buy these products in the US

and UK in most stores but they are also available online.